Night-Out Book

Enjoy hundreds of premium offers from merchants in the metropolitan and suburban
Buffalo and Niagara Falls area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages do I receive as a member of the Night-Out Book Program?

Night-Out Book members enjoy tremendous savings at fine dining, casual dining, and fast food restaurants, as well as cultural events, movies, and other local entertainment centers. Your membership in the program also entitles you to receive valuable discounts on local services such as dry cleaning, car washing, and catering at some of the area's finest restaurants. Offers presented in the Night-Out Book are premium discounts that can only be obtained and used by members.

How Many Different Merchants are included in the Night-Out Book?

Our motto is "Discover the Area's Finest in Dining, Entertainment, and More..."

Night-Out Book members get the opportunity to do just that. Over 600 premium offers with savings of up to 50% are included in each edition of the annual Night-Out Book program. Members enjoy HUNDREDS OF "BUY ONE GET ONE FREE" discounts at over 200 merchants throughout the metropolitan and suburban Buffalo, and Niagara Falls area.

Who Are Some of the Merchants included in the Book?

Click Here For Our Merchant List

How much does a Night-Out Book cost?

The Night-Out Book sells for only $30.00. Receive one free book with each book purchased. The Night-Out Book staff prides itself on offering the highest quality program of its kind anywhere in the country for the most affordable price.

Where can I purchase a Night-Out Book?

Night-Out Books can be purchased by sending a check or money order to:

Night-Out Book
384 Cleveland Drive
Buffalo, New York 14215

*Please send $30.00 multiplied by the quantity of books desired and receive one free book with each book ordered (tax is included).

Shipping is a flat rate of $3.50 for order of up to, and including, 4 books (2 + 2 Bonus Books) and $5.95 beyond that.

Number of Books
1 (+1 FREE)$33.50 USD
2 (+2 FREE)$63.50 USD
3 (+3 FREE)$95.95 USD
4 (+4 FREE)$125.95 USD
5 (+5 FREE)$155.95 USD
6 (+6 FREE)$185.95 USD
7 (+7 FREE)$215.95 USD
8 (+8 FREE)$245.95 USD
9 (+9 FREE)$275.95 USD
10 (+10 FREE)$305.95 USD


Call our office at (716) 838-5665

Night-Out Books are currently available through The Night-Out Book Office. 

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