Night-Out Book

Enjoy hundreds of premium offers from merchants in the metropolitan and suburban
Buffalo and Niagara Falls area.


The Night-Out Book fundraising program is virtually "fool-proof". The fundraising program works on a consignment basis, and is completely risk free. Your group will pay only for the books that you sell. No up-front money is needed to get started, and any unsold books are returnable for full credit. The Night-Out Book staff will provide your group with eye-catching marketing materials such as posters, pin-ups, merchant lists, and order sheets to help increase your group's sales. In addition, Night-Out Book representatives are available to assist your group in meeting your fundraising goals. As a special service to you, free delivery and pick up of books is also available.

The Night-Out Book is a product that virtually sells itself making it easy for your group to make huge profits. Each year, customers look forward to purchasing new books to save hundreds of dollars at area merchants.

  • The Night-Out Book Fundraising Program offers one product at one price, so no extensive record keeping is needed!
  • No door-to-door selling is needed because of the high dollar return per book. Your fundraising goals can be met if group members sell as few as 1 to 5 books.
  • The Night-Out Book staff will provide you with the support your group needs to successfully reach its fundraising goals.

Night-Out Book provides many features for its fundraising groups

  1. A written letter that informs group members about the fundraising program and how they can be successful in reaching their group's goal.
  2. Order Sheets
  3. Marketing materials such as posters and pin-ups
  4. Prepared packets for each group member or student
  5. Assistance distributing packets and books to group members
  6. Support staff is available to answer questions or offer suggestions on how to make the fundraiser a success.

Finally, the Night-Out Book Program offers the guarantee of a "risk-free" promotion.

How can my group participate in the Night-Out Book fundraising program?

Fill out our form below or call (716) 838-5665 to speak with a Night-Out Book Representative.

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